Numerology Chart Explained


Life Path Number

Your life path number is the most important and powerful number in your numerology chart. It’s the contract you agreed with your spirit guide before this life time,  it’s the central focus in your life, it represents your chosen areas for development in this incarnation. This means that the achievement of this path is not going to be easy.

This path is not a talent, it’s your added potential talent. If you weren’t up for the task, you wouldn’t have it in your life path. It’s your lesson and your chosen evolution for this incarnation. You may experience problems on the journey to this path but that’s the whole point, your ultimate goal in this life is to overcome the difficulties and transcend them.  You may just have one number for your life path, or you may have a life path that includes steps or sub lessons like this 34/7.

The number furthest to the right is your ultimate life path number 34/7, the two numbers to the left are your steps to help you achieve your life path. To be the best Life Path 7 you can be.  The most important of your steps or sub lessons is the number closest to the forward slash 34/7.  Your individual life path is made totally individual by the sub lessons and all the other numbers in your chart. They all have an influence in the flavour of you, like the choice of herbs in a meal.

Birthday Number

Your birthday number is another sub lesson to the life path number. It’s an added gift of potential that supports your life path like a helpful tip or sub focus.  It is always reduced to a single digit, unless it is a master number (11, 22, 33).  Like your life path, this number is not a skill you already possess, it’s a potential gift. Something to learn and perfect, to compliment and help the achievement of your life path.

Expression,  Destiny or Key Number

Before this incarnation you agreed with your spirit guide the talents and attributes you wanted to bring to this lifetime to support your life path. Your expression number is your full name as written on your birth certificate.  You telepathically told your parents, before you were born, that your name had to vibrate at a particular number.

You have chosen to incarnate with the talents and attributes of the energy that will help you achieve your life path, which is, your Expression Number.  This expression or destiny number was strategically chosen by you to support you in the best way possible in achieving your life path.  This number is where your gifts and abilities lay. Its energy is likely to influence the career you choose.

The key is to use the energy of this talent within you, to achieve your life path in the best way possible.

Known Name or Focus Number

The full name on your birth certificate contains the most important, pre agreed talents for this lifetime.  However, we often don’t use our middle names and sometimes change our name for many reasons, through marriage, changes in circumstances or just through choice.  Your Known name is the name you currently use introduce to others; the name you feel you most identify wih. This adds an extra flavour to the talents you bring to this life.

Soul Urge, Heart or Hearts Desire Number

This is your inner you, it’s your inner motivations. The energy of this number is what makes you tick and feeds your soul.  This number represents what you really want from life, aspire to have and dream about.  When you feel those bullets of joy, that’s your soul urge being activated.

Maturity Number

This number is the person you will be in your formative years. It’s the number that you are evolving towards and as you grow and mature, you will show many talents and attributes of this number.